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Fashion always means to look stylish, unique, trendy and comfortable. Comfort is the most necessary factor in being a fashionista, because if you are not comfortable, you will not be able to carry a look gracefully. And the comfiest trend which is very much ‘in’ now, is sneakers or casual shoes. Every Bollywood celeb has been rocking their sneaker look. Alia is the one, who is always seen wearing different kinds of sneakers with mostly all the outfits.

Today, at BollyMirchi, we have brought five best sneakers sported by Bollywood divas, and their links where you could shop them. Most of our looks are of Alia, because we said we love her sneaker collection.


1. Classy Brown Sneaker: This is the most sexy and trendy sneaker, which personally I like it very much. This is very classy.

Style Tip: Goes best with a formal look, and also is good for a dayout in dark coloured outfit for a classy look.

Get it here.


2. Cute Pink Sneakers: This sneaker should be in every girl’s closet, for sure. This is so girly and pretty.

Style Tip: Pair it with short and cute dress and make it look more visible.

Get it here.


3. Casual White Sneakers: The best part of this sneaker is that is goes with all colours and dress. Malaika sports it with a casual dress and jacket and looks super gorgeous.

Style Tip: For a quirky look, pair it with a long skirt or culotte and for regular look, pair it with jeans and top.

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4. Daily Black Sneakers: This type of black sneakers, looks best when you are wearing something short.

Style Tip: Wear it with denim shorts or skirts or even you can create a boho look with these sneakers.

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5. No Lace Sneakers: This On Off sneaker by Alia, is eye strucking. This type of sneakers is comfortable and yes, less time taking to wear.

Style Tip: Wear it with pants which are of ankle length and make it look visible. Not so same, but still matchy matchy.

Get it here.

These best sneakers, and their look alikes, new collection is all you need this season. Ditch all other footwear as of now, for sneakers.

Image Source : Voomla.Com, HighHeelConfidential & MissMalini

Disclaimer All the products mentioned in this article are the dupes found by our team, we haven’t personally tried them. Hence are not responsible for the products or has the sites sponsored us for mentioning their name. Kindly use precaution while buying.

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