Zayn’s One Direction Connection For A TV Show

The former One Direction member, Zayn Malik had claimed that he was not interested in boy bands anymore. He left the One Direction band since he could not deal with the boy band lifestyle.

Since he went solo, the ‘Befour’ singer has been inundated with praise for his work. To add a cherry on top, Zayn is ready for working on a new television series.

Zayn is in talks of creating a One Direction-inspired TV Show which will be produced by the same makers as of the show ‘Law and Order’, Dick Wolf and his wife, Noelle Wolf.

The series, which is slated to be titled ‘Boys’ will follow the formation of a successful boy band and will showcase the excitement, competition, fun and pressure that comes along with it.


Zayn was enthusiastic about this project and broke this news saying,“Dick Wolf is a legend, and the opportunity to work with him and NBC to create a compelling drama series is awesome.”

Furthermore, the president of NBC Entertainment, Jennifer Salke said in a statement, “Zayn certainly brings an authentic point of view to this world where kids are catapulted into fame at a dizzying speed.”

On the other hand, Noelle emphasized on the fact that casting and original music will be crucial to the project.

She said, “We were intrigued by the synergistic potential that Zayn brings to the project.”

Simon Cowell, who signed the group to his Syco label, was taken aback when he came to know about Zayn’s signing with another label for the TV Show.

He said “Nothing surprises me anymore. I think he should have come to me with it if I’m being honest with you. I do actually believe that when they’ve got these ideas, bearing in mind where we started, they should actually come to me.”


Upon one’s discretion, this may also be directed towards another One Direction lad, Niall Horan, who signed a solo deal with a rival record label.

With the not-so-soon-ending One Direction hiatus, this is some good news to keep our daydreams alive.

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