Quantico Season 2 Trailer

Quantico season 2 trailer has been finally released and ABC might have just given away something big. The trailer features a diamond ring which points out the fact that Ryan hasn’t let go of Alex just yet.

As per the sources, Priyanka (Alex) will join the CIA in season 2. In the finale episode of season 1, she had a tough choice to make. She either had to accept a job offer from the CIA or pick Ryan’s call. Obviously, she chose the former. But the trailer features Ryan and Alex sharing some quality time together. They both were seen jumping out of a plane together and they shared a romantic moment with Ryan down on one knee.

Quantico Season 2 will set up another mystery to solve. This time, it isn’t just a matter of national security, the whole world will be in danger.

The synopsis for the premiere read as follows:

“While investigating the dark world of espionage at a mysterious CIA training facility, Alex becomes caught at the center of a conspiracy that threatens lives across the globe.”

As Alex joins the CIA, situations will change, new people will be coming into light and friendships will be tested. Alex will certainly meet new people and that would lead her to question everybody around her. Loyalty, honesty, truth is all that matters. But will it be enough? All the questions will be answered as the series premieres Sunday, Sept 25 at 10.p.m. EDT on ABC.

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