PC Slaying In Magazine Covers

Whenever we talk about someone being drop dead gorgeous and sizzling hot, both at the same time, whose name pops up in your mind at first place? OH! Priyanka Chopra, is it! High Five then! Mine too. Just look at her, she is a Queen, when it comes to anything and everything. Such a strong woman with such a pretty face and the hottest body, in my language, it’s all god gifted and her immense hardwork.


Peecee graced the latest photoshoot of GQ magazine, and here we can’t stop ourselves, compiling and bringing them for you. The hottest picture of this baywatch bombshell in this series is where she is wearing a ‘simple’ bottle green shirt tucked in with a ‘simple’ pencil light coloured skirt. And in such a simple outfit, she manages to look smoking hot. Gosh! How does she do this?


Okay, so we are not done here. If you think this is the hottest, we bring you desi girl’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine photoshoot. A sexy black dress matched up with a sexy footwear. Everything looks sexy when it’s on her. And not to miss that killing expression. Even the magazine could not resist stating that she is “Most Wanted”.


And okay, lets also give you a throwback, PC’s maxim cover, a controversial photoshoot. Quantico star is all again black in her outfit, very sexy though, makes this cover sexy too. To stop the controversy, PC posted a nice reply along with a pit stopping pic. This magazine, also, could not stop praising Priyanka and said she is the hottest woman in the world.

We don’t want to end this, and you too don’t want to end staring her pictures, we know. But until next time, you may have a glimpse as on now to these hottest pictures of her.

Boss Lady, PC.

Image Source : GQIndia & GotCeleb

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