Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Hunks Cover Shoot

Today at BollyMirchi we are talking about the magazine cover fashion. We bring in here two sexy, hot and irresistible photoshoots by two hunks of bollywood, one being Khoobsurat fame, Fawad khan and the other the one and only, sexiest of all, Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir, Oh My God, taking his name, makes my heart skip a beat, but I am controlling all and giving you details on his recent Vogue India magazine cover shoot. He looks over charming in this cover wearing a Dior black shirt which is so sexy and becomes sexier when its on him. We know guys, you want this shirt. And that light purple suit by Roberto Cavalli. He can carry it all with so much ease.

That handsome face with that sexy expression, is so adorable. He has two chics on his side, but I can’t say much about them as all my focus is on Ranbir. All I can say about the girls is that they are damn damn lucky. I obviously envy them.

Ranbir stars The Big Fashion Party of the Vogue.

Okay, so the next look is of Fawad, the stunner who is killing with his eyes. So hot they are, like really. Fawad Khan is featured on Man’s World magazine cover. He is wearing a black jacket with a grey highneck outfit within. He is sporting a dude look, and we are loving it. Black watch to complete the look, which would still have been incomplete, if Fawad would have not given this expression.

And yes, He is very good, and he knows it.

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