“Heart Broken” Ranbir Refuses To Give Up The Chase

Stars have their fan moments too, and in them sometimes they too are left “heartbroken”. It is hard to imagine any star in an apparently ‘fallen’ position like us, isn’t it? But, the task gets harder when it specifically comes to the Bollywood heartthrob, who can leave a million hearts racing and broken – all at the same time.

Yes, you got it right! It is Ranbir Kapoor, who we are talking about. The “star struck” actor in a recent interview with “Firstpost” candidly revealed how he was left broken-hearted as a fan, multiple times.

Talking about his recent incident with Quentin Tarantino, Ranbir mentioned how the ‘Pulp Fiction’ director refrained from letting him take “a picture, an autograph”, even after several attempts.


Being his usual free-spoken self, the 33-year-old actor also divulged, “I’ve run behind Natalie Portman at Tribeca. She was on the phone and she was crying. I went quickly behind her and said, ‘I love your…’, but before I could say ‘work’, she turned and said, ‘Get lost!’ “Recalling this encounter with the “No strings attached” actress, he confessed that “this happens to me a lot”.

All far from losing his hope, Ranbir vows that he “would still chase them”, for “a picture, an autograph”. But that’s not just because he is a true fan, but also because, he unlike most of us knows and is okay with the fact that “Artists are supposed to be weird!”

Way to go Ranbir! Keep being the ‘Rockstar’ that you are!

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