Nev Schulman On Fiancé’s Bare Belly

It is not a new thing for Hollywood to go total bizarre in the name of fashion. And while some of them turn out to be surprisingly accepting, some of them don’t do so good.

Taking boldness to a whole new level, the Catfish host, Nev Schulman’s wife to be Laura Perlongo walked the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet without a shirt. Perlango who works in creative advertising, bared her belly and kept her breasts semi covered in a green jacket. She accessorized with a body chain and dressed her lower half in black pants. Schulman matched his fiancé in a green button down.


The couple was not shy rather they were pretty excited and happy about the same. An absolutely love struck Schulman was seen posing with her wife and embracing his soon to be born baby in classic prom style.

Schulman was very proud of his fiancé and was seen chatting about her at different instances. He told PEOPLE, “I’m just so happy to be the guy on the red carpet with the pregnant lady who is killing it, just looking incredible,” Schulman adds proudly. “She was already beautiful and now she’s, like, times-10 beautiful.” apart from that, he also discussed his take on fatherhood, “I’ve spent the last five years learning how to help people and open up to them and have them open up to me, and hopefully feel better and move on with their lives in a good way, and I’m just now excited to take all that and apply it to my family,”

The couple got engaged on May 22, just weeks after they announced their pregnancy news and surprised everyone on twitter.

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