Kesha Drops The Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

February 2014 was a dark period for famous Hollywood pop star Kesha. The Your Love is my Drug star filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke who the world knows by the name Lukasz Gottwald. The singer apparently, accused the latter of emotional abuse and rape during the early stages of her career. She proceeded to file the lawsuit in California and the world saw the two musicians against one another.


Even though the singer will continue the fight for her rights in the court of New York, she still continues to work on her music and is said to have provided Gottwald’s Kemosabe Records and parent company Sony Music Entertainment with 28 of her new songs and is expecting an album release soon.

During this campaign, Kesha received a lot of support from her fans as well as from Hollywood. Singers like Adele and Taylor swift came out to help her in her legal battle.

Kesha is now just focusing on completing her contract and will fight this battle as strong as ever.

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