Victoria’s Secret In Deep Waters For Failed Photoshop

It is a natural thing for lingerie brands to be using Photoshop in order to make their models look skinnier  and more unrealistic. But this time, lingerie mogul Victoria’s Secret stretched it a little too far.

According to sources, the latest photoshoot of Victoria’s Secret saw the shoot being held in hot waters. This photoshoot was held to launch yet another new line of underwear called Mesh-back cheeky Panty. Now, it is nothing new for the brand to introduce new lines frequently, but this “fashion disaster” landed them an article in a photography related blog.


The photo shows a model wearing the Mesh-back cheeky Panty from behind but there was something wrong with the picture. The model seemed to lack a certain amount of meat from her leg and her butt- cheek appeared to be photoshopped to perfection to the limit where one of them seemed to be merging with the leg.

Victoria’s Secret took complete responsibility for the disaster and as a part of it, they did not take down the photo from the web.

Now this little stunt might prove to be a little harmful for them because it not only reflects bad on their company name but it also is motivating the buyers to shift to yet another brand of lingerie, something more AERIE( American Eagle).

It’s surely time for them to buck up!

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