Hiddle Swiddle in the middle of a… Music Video?!! (T-Swift-Tom Hiddleston Conspiracy)

On July 4th, Ellie Woodward from Buzzfeed  UK, pieced together an article about how the whole Swiddleton/ HiddleSwift relationship may all be for a music video.

This conspiracy was born because of the absurdity of the whirlwind romance of Taylor and Tom. Also because Tay-Tay releases a new album at two year intervals. She also releases a new single couple of months before the album drops. 1989 was released on October 27, 2014 and the single ‘Shake it Off’ dropped on August 18, 2014, which is fast approaching.

T-Swift & Hiddleston - 1

According to the article, the single, if it does drop, will be released right around September, which will be around the time of the Emmy’s. Tom Hiddleston is nominated for an Emmy for his role as Jonathan Pine in the British mini-series, `The Night Manager’, based on John le Carré’s novel of the same name.

If you want a clue as to why fans think this maybe a PR Stunt or a music video is because of how fast these two actually moved their relationship. They had their notorious dance off on May 22nd at the MET Gala, then they were caught canoodling on June 14th, just two weeks after Taylor’s break up with Calvin Harris, on her private beach in Rhode Island (P.S. it was also seen as a stunt as many speculated Taylor/ her team called the paparazzi themselves). Then we flash forward to June 23rd where Tom meets Tay’s parents in Nashville and the following day Tay met Tom’ mom in Suffolk, England. After that they whizzed away on a romantic getaway to Rome on June 27th. Recent pictures show that Tom spent 4th of July with Tay and her squad(Déjà vu anyone?). Just typing out this entire paragraph made my head spin. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not feeling this relationship.

T-Swift & Hiddleston - 3

What further added fuel to the fire was that Tom wore a tee, while hanging out with Tay and gang on the beach, which read ‘I ❤ TS’. I mean really? Reaallllyyyy???!

As more and more days pass on, the needle is pointing towards this not being an actual relationship and that Taylor might pull a Beyoncé and drop her visual single/album with Hiddleston in it. The song maybe about how ‘fairy tale-ish’ the media has portrayed her relationship. Maybe this song will be a Blank Space 2.0? There is one more side to this conspiracy that this single may be a reply to Kanye’s video ‘Famous’.

T-Swift & Hiddleston - 4

Although it may seem like all of us are crazy but a far off and passive aggressive approach is not a new move for Taylor. As she blasted Kanye indirectly for his comment about him making her famous in her Grammy acceptance speech all the while never once addressing the topic head on.

So whether this tête-à-tête between those two is a music video or a publicity stunt or they are actually in love only time will tell. In the mean while haters will hate, speculators will speculate and Taylor is going to do what she does best, shake it off.

You can check out the original buzzfeed post .

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